NEW VENDOR ALERT: Living Springs Microgreens LLC "Tim Ernst worked in the medical field for over 30 years and wants to now help people heal with good nutrition via PURE food. Jan Ernst is a CPA is counts the beans... and waters them."Sells at Wednesday and Saturday markets.

Posted by Warrenton Farmers Market on Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Farm To Table

Farm To Table

Microgreens are grown for peak nutrition
Free Local Delivery On All Orders

Free Local Delivery On All Orders

Near Warrenton, VA - contact us for details
Subscription options available

Subscription options available

Receive fresh microgreens every week!

Why Living Springs Microgreens

The microgreen specialists

Live a Healthier Life

"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food"
- Hippocrates

Give your body purely grown food that is still living when you cut it in your own kitchen. This is the nutrition your body needs to optimize health and healing.

Home Grown Goodness

This Super Food is grown purely in your own community. It is never cut... it is alive when you receive it. Farmer Tim personally pants and cultivates... by hand.. every seed. Extra care is taken to ensure that your Microgreens are clean and safe as possible for you and yours.

Free Local Delivery

Farmer Tim's team takes great care to ensure that your Microgreens are fresh and alive when you receive them. Delivery limited to Warrenton / Culpeper / Gainsville / Haymarket areas.

Fresh & Pesticide Free

Your Microgreens are grown in a VERY clean and Vegan friendly environment. No pesticides or fertilizers are ever used. All plastics used are "Food Safe." All seeds are NON GMO and all seeds are "certified organic." Have confidence that your Microgreens are Pure and Safe. Farmer Tim is trained and certified in the FDA's "Good Agricultural Practices"...GAP...and adheres to their safe food protocols.

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