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After working in the medical field since 1983, Farmer, Tim Ernst, of Living Springs Microgreens Hydroponic Farm decided to begin preventing disease instead of fighting to cure the diseases which destroy people’s lives.  Tim worked in the organ transplant field as a transplant coordinator. He noticed that over half the diseases his patients were fighting could have been prevented if they would have received the correct nutrition, exercised regularly, and reduced their stress levels.  Tim investigated the different nutritional supplements manufactured in the market as a way to help people regain their health.  He was then introduced to Microgreens by a doctor who also was searching for the best possible way to bring health to his patients.

Research by the University of Maryland was clear that Microgreens provided over 4 times the nutrition that the adult plant provided. If Microgreens are eaten soon after they are harvested, then the little plants provide their maximum nutrition and healing energy to the patient.

Microgreens is a “stage” of growth for a plant. First the plant is a seed. In that seed is all the nutrition and energy the plant needs to sprout and grow a root and a stem and two leaves. After that…. the plant is out of energy. Yet, at this stage of growth (2 leaves only) the little stem and leaves are packed with the maximum amount of nutrition and bioavailable energy that it can provide to a person. This is were Living Springs Microgreens as a farm comes in. Tim and his partner, Jan, live in a pristine community west of Warrenton, VA were the water from the Blue Ridge Mountains percolates up from deep rock springs. Tim takes this pristine deep rock water and runs it through an NSF certified filter system that purifies the water of contaminates. The waters used are cold and pure. The Microgreens are grown in a hydroponic system without soil, no pesticides and no fertilizers. NO Animal Products are used. These Microgreens are “Vegan Friendly.” They are grown from certified organic and NON GMO seeds. The Microgreens are raised in “Food Safe” plastic containers and are raised under ecofriendly LED lights. The Microgreens are then delivered to customers on the Coconut Fiber pads they were sprouted and grown on. They are never cut from the roots… from the vertical farm grow racks to your table. You cut what you need for each meal and thus receive the maximum nutrition and living energy possible from the Microgreen. There is NO wastage. Your Microgreens are still alive and growing for over a week from the time your greens are purchased until you consume them.

Tim’s training from working in sterile operating room environments is utilized to keep this hydroponic farming operation clean and safe for his customers. Great care is invested to ensure that every bite of your healing Microgreen meal is of the highest quality and cleanliness.

Tim and Jan invite you and yours to do something “special” for your health. Try Microgreens… experience the alive and fresh taste of these delicate little plants. Microgreens come in many flavors (some are surprisingly spicy). Many of our customers do not use dressings on the microgreens, since the favors are unique and amazingly delicious. Microgreens also go well sprinkled on a pizza after baking (if you cook a microgreen… you will lose some of its character and nutrition). Tim enjoys a sprinkle of microgreens on his chili. Yet, a haystack of microgreens accents any plate with color and flavor (microgreens come in fun colors also). Living Springs Microgreens is a climate controlled growing operation that can provide your nutritional needs year around.

Meet the Team

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Farmer Tim

Founder & CEO

Tim started in the health field 35 years ago trying to fight disease.  Now…. He has decided to prevent the disease by growing and sharing a healing super food…. Microgreens.  These Microgreens are packed with nutrition and are grown PURE with no fertilizers, pesticides, NON GMO, and is Vegan Friendly.    Every morning his first action is to visit the vertical hydroponic garden and check on the Microgreens.  What a JOY to watch these mighty little healers grow.


Farmer Jan

Vice President

Jan has raised her 3 boys and now turns her nurturing heart on raising a new crop of Microgreens each week.  She looks forward to watering and caring for the Microgreens each morning and evening.   Planting the seeds is a “healing time” as she “hand places” the seeds on the coconut pads, so the seeds will not be “clumped up.” Big smiles always erupt from Jan as she sees the little microgreen seeds begin to sprout then after 4 days go under the lights to green up and grow tall.

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